Who We Are

We have been diving for 13 years, much of it while traveling aboard cruise ships. We decided a long time ago that as much as we love diving, we enjoy it more when the travel that comes with it is easy. We love the whole concept of having the opportunity to dive multiple islands on one trip. Of course there have been disappointments along the way. We hope that this page will help fellow divers avoid those disappointments and ultimately improve the state of cruise ship diving.
Gary & Mel

St. Lucia

Our previous St. Lucia report is updated! Click here!

New Pictures

Just a few pictures to tease you with until we can get our most recent trip reports written.

Cruisin' & Divin' Shoes

I can't leave home without my flip flops. I don't like things between my toes, so there are tons of flip flops that I won't wear. I found these Tevas about four years ago and was hooked. They are lightweight, sturdy, and easy on all parts of my 48 year old feet. When we aren't cruising we live and work at the lake, so the fact that a pair of flip flops has held up for four years says alot. Mine are black on black for versatility.

Airline Baggage Restrictions

We are not happy about the new charges American is imposing on checked luggage. Now only the first checked bag per person is free, extras are $25. We'll be okay on short cruises, but for most of our 7-14 day cruises that amounts to an extra $100 per round trip. We usually check two suitcases that are maxed out on dimension and weight, plus a hanging bag, and one smaller suitcase.

I haven't actually packed yet, but here are the things we are going to try:
1. Take less clothing for onboard. We spend most of our time diving anyway, so a few less changes of clothing should help. Gary will leave his sport coat behind and I am opting for dressy black slacks and tops for dinner.

2. Take fewer pairs of shoes. It always seems that we take three or more pairs each-- sneakers for walking, dress shoes, and flip flops. Plus dive booties! Gary thinks he can do without the dress shoes. Without the sport coat, who need them right? I can make it on one pair of dress shoes.

2. Since AA still allows one carry on piece of luggage and one "personal" item like a tote bag or purse we're thinking that we might utilize our mesh dive bags as our "personal" items. We should be able to carry lightweight stuff in those to relieve some of the bulk in the checked bags.

3. Use Ziplock bags to compress our clothes more. We do this already with socks and undies, but I think we could do it with shirts and shorts with good results. I am wondering about using those giant ones for the wetsuits as well.

4. Shop for lighter weight clothing. I already have two of those cotton/spandex blend shirts and love them! They breath, they stretch, they don't wrinkle, and they dry fast. I got them at Academy. If I find another source I'll post it here.

If anybody out there has great packing tips for gear or clothing we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to comment!